Tuesday, February 11, 2020

[2014] Buses become free in Zory, Poland, ridership quadruples, more service added

The city also argued that free public transport including encourage residents to give up cars every day, reduce barriers to access to education, culture or recreation, and improve the situation of large families. "The observations of drivers and our officials show that the number of passengers - from May to July - increased by up to four times in buses" - Anna Ujma from the City Hall in Żory told PAP.
Recently, the local government has suggested to residents that they submit comments on the functioning of free public transport (comments and applications were submitted, among others, by email). As Ujma said, their goal was, among others determining the residents' needs. "The three basic requests concerned especially the introduction of larger buses, adapting the timetable to the needs of students, and increasing the number of stops" - said Ujma.
She added that buses that could accommodate more passengers than previously appeared on route 5 in the Rój district and on route 6 in the Baranowice district, three new stop locations are being prepared, including at the Sikorski estate
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